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Our History

We’re Here to Serve Our Community
North Carolina has always been our home.

Our Firm

We have built our firm and our reputation by providing prompt, professional service to our clients in a friendly and courteous manner. It has not occurred by accident, but upon years of hard work, dedication, and planning. We want to be a law firm of which our clients are proud. For more information, please choose one of the following links.

Our Humble Beginnings

At Kelly & West, our team is family! Since Kelly & West began in 1982, we have grown, thanks to the support of our amazing clients and the Lillington community. We are very proud to have team members who love working with us as much as we love working with them. Many stay with us for decades, or even their entire career!

Our team below is the heart and soul of Kelly & West! Please mouse over the picture to get to know the K&W family a little better.

Our firm was built from the ground up in Lillington.
Mixing tradition with fresh influences and a family atmosphere.

What Our Clients Say

“Kelly, West, & Murphy treat you like you are family. They take care of their clients. They guide you, they direct you. What I love so much about them is their integrity of being honest. It’s not about the money that you’re going to get. They’re just honest. They walked me from step one to the end. And they are right there with you. I never had to pick up the phone to call them and see what’s going on. They are so thorough in communicating with their clients, it’s unreal. At one time I had nothing but a file drawer of correspondence. Anytime they spoke to my insurance company they give me a call and they follow up in writing. I just can’t say enough good about them.”
Janice M.
Our firm welcomes walk-ins!

Ahead of the Curve

We constantly strive to improve our services by sending an evaluation form to our client upon the closing of the case. You, our clients, have helped make our continued growth possible. As a result, we are able to continue providing efficient and effective service so necessary in today’s ever-changing, competitive legal environment. We’re constantly updating our in-firm technology to ensure that our clients are informed about every detail concerning their case.

Reasons To Choose Kelly & West

Today there are more attorneys than ever to choose from, and we want our clients to know why they should choose us rather than some other attorney. In short, we try to treat clients the way we would want to be treated if we were the client and not the attorney.

We start with a free consultation. Call us at 910-893-8183 to discuss your situation with an attorney. If we think we can help, we will make an appointment for you to continue talking about your case with an attorney at no charge. When you discuss your case with an attorney, you are under no obligation to hire us, and we are under no obligation to take your case.

Every person at Kelly, West, and Murphy has years of legal experience.
Our community is everything to us!

We Work For You

If we accept your case, we will discuss our fee and the schedule for payment. We accept accident and injury cases on a contingent fee basis so that we are paid only from the recovery that we obtain.

We try to keep our clients well informed by sending them copies of all papers we receive on their case. We have designed and implemented computer software that helps us to complete each day all the things that need to be done in each case. We also use computers for legal research; medical research; faxing documents; scanning and storing images and documents, and production of letters and documents on laser printers.

Initial Consultation
We do not charge a fee for our first consultation with you.

Fee Policy
We continuously strive to keep our fees as fair and reasonable as possible.

It is our practice to discuss fees with you at the initial interview and to confirm these fee discussions in writing.

We have two types of fee arrangements: fixed fees and contingent fees.

These are explained below:

Fixed Fees
Fixed fees are fees that are determined and paid upon acceptance of your case, do not change regardless of the time required to handle your case, and regardless of the outcome of your case. The amount of a fixed fee is determined by the task that you engage us to undertake, by the time we expect to spend on your case, its complexity and our experience in handling similar matters.

We also consider such other factors as:

Time constraints: Is your matter of an urgent nature which will require us to place it before other matters already pending? The amount of risk, the effort required, and the responsibility of the firm.
Exclusivity: Will your matter prohibit us from being retained by others due to present or future potential conflicts of interest?
Contingent Fees: Contingent fees are fees that are determined by the result we obtain for you. The advantage of a contingent fee is that you are not required to pay anything upon our acceptance of your case and there is no fee charged if we are not successful. In addition, it encourages us to do the best job possible since the amount of our fee depends upon the result that we obtain for you.
Out-of-Pocket Expenses: Separate from our charges for legal services are the disbursements of funds made by us on your behalf. Expenses include such items as filing fees, court costs, court reporter charges, certified copies of documents, and Sheriff fees. These charges are billed to you in the same amount as the cost to our firm.

Referrals and Confidentiality

We are proud that the majority of our cases come from repeat clients and referrals from our clients, our friends, and other attorneys. If you know of someone that may need to talk to an attorney, please refer them to us. Referring a new client is the greatest compliment that you could pay us.

We assure you that all information you give any member of this firm will remain confidential. To completely understand your situation and formulate a sound legal solution, we must have certain information from you. Effective communication between us is the keystone to our relationship.

Appointments & Phone Calls
We do not charge a fee for our first consultation with you.

We recognize the value of our clients’ time and therefore we strive to avoid making you wait when you come in to see your attorney. To assist in this effort, we ask that you arrange an appointment prior to visiting the office.

Of course, if circumstances do not permit you to schedule an appointment in advance, we will see you as soon as possible.

Should you call your attorney while he is out of the office or is otherwise unable to talk to you, your call will be returned promptly as soon as he is available.

Let us know how we can help you!