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Head Injuries

Head Injuries

When someone suffers a head injury, there is the possibility that the effects of the injury will be much longer lasting than is initially obvious. What seems like a simple concussion, from which one quickly recovers, can later turn into personal injury with months or years of recurring headaches, dizziness, and memory and/or cognitive problems.

This type of long-term head injury often does not appear in the original diagnosis because its causes are often detected by sophisticated and expensive testing. Insurance adjusters know that head injuries can last a long time and can cause problems after recovery seems to be complete.

A head injury not only increases how much the claim is worth but often it also speeds up the negotiation process because an adjuster wants to settle the claim before further head injury-related medical bills are incurred.

Reporting Head Injuries to Your Doctor
Watch for these signs and report them to your doctor: concussion, a period of unconsciousness, however brief, dizziness, disorientation, nausea, difficulty with remembering or difficulty thinking clearly. If you have any long-term effects, report them to your doctor and emphasize that you are still suffering from the effects of your head injury.

Then, speak to an attorney knowledgeable about head injuries. An experienced and competent attorney will gather the pertinent information about the case and will ensure that there are no missed opportunities when it comes to receiving fair compensation for your head injury and your financial losses.

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