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Elder Law

Elder Law

Is your loved one getting older? Are you struggling with how to best help him while allowing him to keep his independence?  Feeling very worried and out of sorts and like you are in a new dimension?  Don’t worry.  You haven’t crossed into the Twilight Zone, but you have crossed over into the realm of Elder Law, and boy can it be challenging!  There are so many things to consider in this area.  For example, how do you help your loved one pay bills each month?  Can you sign the checks for him or do online bill pay?  What happens if you have to care for him for hours each day?   Can you pay yourself for doing this?  Should you?  Or should you pay someone else? What if he needs nursing home care?  How do you afford it? Do you have to spend all his money first?  What if he has a spouse at home that needs care?

We’ve been helping clients answer these questions and many more for years!   Often times, we find what the client needs is actually fairly simple, but having the answers can save time and energy in the long run, and can be accomplished outside of the court system, if planned in advance.  This will not only help you avoid the costs, delays, and headaches attendant to court, but can also help you and your family sleep peacefully knowing that you have what you need in place.

If you want to speak with a lawyer who cares, please call us.  We would love to help you find the right answers for your situation so you can have peace of mind knowing you are ready to face the often difficult challenges of caring for those you love.