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Defective Birth/Infant Brain Damage

Defective Birth/Infant Brain Damage

Errors made by doctors, nurses and hospitals can cause your child to sustain lifetime damage. For this damage, you may be entitled to financial relief.

There are several areas where a doctor, nurse, or hospital may make an error in caring for your child. The first such area is in prenatal care. This care may be inadequate from the beginning of pregnancy up to delivery. The second area that can result in infant brain damage or birth defect is mistakes made by the doctor or staff during labor and delivery; and the third area is misdiagnosis of infant diseases after delivery. All three areas can result in birth defects or severe brain damage affecting your child through his or her lifetime.

Elevate Your Child’s Quality of Life
If your child should suffer infant brain damage, nothing can give your child back a life that is whole and healthy. However, money can allow for the quality of your child’s life to be elevated and help lessen the hardships he or she will face.

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