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About Us

Kelly, West, Murphy, and You

Your Legal Team

Each of our attorneys has decades of legal experience. We knew the day that we opened our practice that our main focus was going to be helping the members of our community to the very best of our ability. 

It is our life’s work, our great passion, to strive to obtain the outcomes that each and every one of our clients deserve.

What Our Clients Say About Our Firm

Client – Truck Driver

“I was involved in an accident one morning. It killed my truck and the other truck, and nearly me. It was a situation where the other driver didn’t have insurance. It was a complex case because it was a worker’s comp case as well as a personal injury case. I went into a situation where I didn’t know what was going on, and he made me feel totally and completely at ease. Not only him, but his whole staff. The atmosphere at the office there, and with his entire staff is…I can’t even describe it. It’s so calming, it makes me personally feel like I don’t have anything to worry about. They’re like family.”

Client – Bitten Neighbor’s Dog

“I called Mr. West to see my options. He actually helped me find the man’s homeowner’s insurance and how to make a claim without having to go through the whole rigmarole of it. He was the most direct attorney I’ve ever dealt with. He really stood up for me without even knowing me, or asking anything in return other than giving my opinion on how he did. He helped me realize what options I had and what was the best way to go ahead and try to get some sort of satisfactory resolution. I couldn’t ask for a better situation. Mr. West was a godsend.”

Client – Estate Planning

“They handled everything for me, and it was just wonderful because I had so much going on. We had a mess with my husband’s estate. He had got everything within his name, not in mine. We had a simple Will. But the assets – boat, camper, car, were all in his name. Well I didn’t know where to begin with it. So I called them and they just took over and did everything I needed done. It was a big relief. I didn’t have to call them much; they handled it and called me. But when I did call, they were exceptionally nice. I was very happy with them, happier than with the attorney who drew up my will. I never felt comfortable in their office, but I felt comfortable with Thomas and Elizabeth. They were all just so very nice and just willing to do anything above and beyond for me.”

Client – Assistant Clerk of Superior Court, Harnett County

“Kelly and West have represented me and have been my attorneys for any civil action, and in my Will and Estate. I’ve known them for 30 years. I worked with them over the years in the court system. The thing that’s always impressed me with them is that they never, ever, make you feel like you’re in a hurry. They’re willing to take the time to fully explain, and make sure you understand all that they’re trying to do for you. I would recommend them to anybody.”

Client – Spring Lake Resident

“My husband was in an accident. It was the other guy’s fault. We never could get to talk to anybody. We always had to leave a message. We waited several weeks before we even talked to Mr. West, but we were getting nowhere. Mr. West was very helpful. The office staff – they were also so nice and available to help. I was so thankful. If anything happened, if I needed a lawyer, I would certainly go back to them. They were all just so nice to us up there. If I had a friend that needed a lawyer, I would tell them about Kelly & West. To me they wouldn’t find any better.”

Wilkie T. – Personal Injury

“I had an accident down in Rocky Mount. I got hurt. But the company I worked for they wouldn’t help. I went and talked with Mr. West and he done wonders with it. He stayed in touch, he let me know everything he was going to do, and I appreciated that. I was never behind on anything. He called and let me know every move he made. That was wonderful for me. If anybody really needs help, he’s the man the go with.”

Denise L. – Car Accident

“We were in a car accident in March 2014. I was coming up to an intersection and their light was yellow blinking, my light was green. Instead of slowing down, they kept going and hit me on the side. I knew I was going to have some doctor’s bills and I wanted to make sure they got paid. When I talked to Mr. West on the phone, he sounded really genuine and I had this really good vibe through the phone.Kelly & West took me step by step what I needed to do. They kept me up to date with everything that was going on.”

Elizabeth E. – Car Accident

“My son was driving my car when a woman pulled in front of us. He didn’t have time to put on the brakes. She accepted blame. But I didn’t have much medical bills for car insurance. I was very pleased with the way Mr. West handled my case. He advised me on what to do. He took a lot of time with the case and got it settled. Mr. West kept me aware of every step we were taking. If I ever need another lawyer, he would be the one.”

Tacosha J. – Estate Administration/Probate

“In 2012, I lost my aunt. I lost my mom eight months later. I was left with the estate. I had reached out to a different law firm at first. It was a nightmare. Nothing was going through and they were charging me for every little thing. They were late and never told me what was going on. A social worker recommended Kelly and West. As soon as I got in there and was talking to them, I knew right then and there they were the people for me. They had my back. I knew I had somebody that was going to help me with this. It was the best decision I made. They were up front with me about everything. I felt like the prices were reasonable. When you’re mourning and you’re dealing with some business things, you’re drowning. Throughout the whole thing they sent me documents; I never felt lost. I felt like they saved me. It was so professional. They just done a wonderful job. Everything was on time. I got copies of everything. I cannot thank them enough. That is the first place I tell them about.”

Rachel C. – Car Accident

“My husband was in head-on collision. He was driving down the road and another car hydroplaned across the center line. My husband had many displaced and broken bones, and many surgeries. A friend recommended Mr. West. He made the trip from Lillington to Cape Fear in the pouring rain. Most people don’t do that this day and age. Mr. West was there the whole way through, from the beginning. Later, I was in accident, and I called around and all the other lawyers were just awful. All they cared about was money. It was like you pulled a ticket and waited in line. You didn’t get that personal experience. Mr. West would call us and see how we were day by day. He just always made himself available. We recommend him to everybody we know. Anything our family gets into, they will be our lawyers from now on.”

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